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Dongguan Guanxin Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd Dongguan Xin Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Fujian Construction Group Company, contracted steel structure loft, steel structure shed, light steel structure, steel structure material processing, steel structure reinforcement, steel structure plus layer, multi-storey steel structure, Steel structure car, steel structure housing, steel structure plant renovation, Dongguan steel plant and other engineering services, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Huizhou and other places have a professional steel structure engineering team and construction team. With a steel structure manufacturing, steel professional contracting level, the general contracting level and other qualifications. Dongguan Xin's team after more than 10 years of development, continue to grow and take shape, market share increased year by year, to undertake hundreds of boutique at home and abroad level, major projects, difficult projects, innovative projects, the industry has a wide impact. At present, Dongguan Xin has formed a series of products such as industrial standard and custom factory, high-rise building, sports and exhibition venues, petrochemical and electric steel structure, logistics warehousing, railway station, airport, bridge steel structure and general process and equipment steel structure. Dongguan Xin adhere to the "scientific management, pragmatic innovation" concept, and strive to seek aesthetics, economic and rational structure type, with a large number of engineering performance and perfect after-sales service for our customers offer every kind of desirable works.



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