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Olympic body center Dongguan steel structure project successfully completed

Recently, the "China Steel Gold Award", "Guangdong Steel Award" selection meeting in Guangdong Province, the 16th Games Main Hall - Olympic Center Dongguan steel structure project site conference room held, China Steel Structure Association, Guangdong Province steel structure Association of experts and his party 7 and the participating units participated in the selection of the meeting, at the meeting, the construction unit of the construction situation, excellent situation was reported, on behalf of the unit, design units, supervision units were introduced to the project management, Design, supervision, review experts for each unit reported the situation raised the problem, and the quality of the scene to view the entity. The experts gave the project a high degree of evaluation, that "the construction of good quality, safety measures are reasonable, effective, complete project information" is the selection of this year's selection of high scores in one of the works, in line with "China Steel Gold Award" "Guangdong Steel Award" selection criteria, the vote unanimously through the assessment.

By the stadium, the main stadium, integrated ball class, swimming diving hall composition. A three museum overall design throughout the "streamer" theme, "the sea of ​​the shellfish" for the idea of ​​simple and pure architectural style, embodies the unique style of the Gulf city. Due to the tight schedule, large volume, complex structure, cross-operation, the progress, quality, safety, investment management put forward higher requirements. At the beginning of the start, the company combined with the management experience in the previous sports venues and the actual situation of the project, dispatching experienced supervisors to work, due to the appropriate measures and the joint efforts of the participating parties, the project management effect owners and construction supervisors Departments generally recognized. Since the start of the year, have made in 2012, 2013 "Zhanjiang City, the first quantitative assessment of quality", 2013 National Engineering Construction Excellent Quality Management Group second prize, 2013 national engineering construction outstanding QC group activities second prize and other honors The Construction technology of steel structure measurement and monitoring technology, temporary support system construction technology, steel truss assembling technology, steel structure installation technology, steel structure unloading construction technology, steel structure construction process of computer simulation analysis, steel structure health monitoring system construction Technology and other core technology has also won the provincial scientific and technological achievements.

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