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Characteristics of Light Steel Structures

Light steel structure is a young and highly viable steel structure system, has been widely used in industrial and agricultural, commercial, service buildings, such as office buildings, villas, warehouses, stadiums, casinos, tourism and low Layer residential buildings and other fields, but also for the housing layer, transformation, reinforcement and building materials in the lack of areas, short duration, activities, removable buildings, much favored by the owners, mainly in the following characteristics:
1) the use of efficient light thin-walled profiles, light weight, high strength, small footprint.
2) accessories are structural automation, continuous, high-precision production, product specifications series, stereotypes, supporting the. The dimensions are accurate.
3) structural design, detailed design, computer simulation installation, factory manufacturing, site installation and so on with a shorter time difference in synchronization.
4) The above dry work is not wet job, the interior decoration is easy to place once in place. Light steel after galvanized, coated with a beautiful appearance and anti-corrosion, is conducive to reducing the cost of enclosure and decoration.
5) to facilitate the expansion of the column spacing and provide greater separation of space, can reduce the height and increase the building area (residential practical space up to 92%). In the increase layer, transformation, reinforcement advantages.
6) a wide range of new steel applications, extensive use of lighting, ventilation conditions.
7) indoor plumbing electrical pipeline all hidden in the wall and the floor, flexible layout, easy to modify.
8) the house can be relocated, the material can be fully recycled, will not cause garbage, in line with sustainable development strategy.

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