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Characteristics of light steel structure villa

With the development of steel structure engineering, green light-duty steel structure houses have been favored by many people. Light steel structure housing to bring people more safe and comfortable, low energy consumption of living space, is another major progress in the history of human development. Light steel structure villa in a more natural, more modern, more vitality of the product phase.

What are the advantages of light steel villas?

1, light steel structure of the villa site construction speed fast noise, will not affect the normal life of neighbors, is conducive to civilized construction;

2, light steel villa of the earthquake: the activities of the earthquake as the left and right activities, so with the screw together with the light steel structure to form a safe and stable box, not because of the earthquake shake and wall collapse or floor Fall off to endanger personal safety.

3, light steel structure villa light weight, strong flexibility, good seismic performance;

4, light steel structure villa wall thickness is small, can increase the effective use of space;

5, light steel structure villa is environmentally friendly sustainable development of the project, even after the residential scrap steel can also be recycled;

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