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Dongguan steel structure plant daily maintenance

Dongguan steel structure in the use of reasonable maintenance, you can extend the plant's life. Dongguan steel structure plant maintenance points:

1, Dongguan steel plant after installation, can not arbitrarily change its layout, can not be equipped with any bolts and other components, can not grow or cut off the wall, if necessary to change what parts and manufacturers must consult, by the manufacturers to determine the energy Can not change. Steel in the use of 3 years or so need to use paint maintenance time, so as to prevent corrosion of steel oxidation, to ensure plant safety. Dongguan steel structure plant is connected by the steel parts, so the use of electrical equipment, such as what the use of wire trunking, line cut off, so as to produce electric shock.

2, Dongguan steel structure of the external wall cleaning must be careful not to have signs, can not use steel ball, plate brush and other grinding products, Steel structure plant branches, leaves and other similar objects should be liquidated in real time, so that the formation of unnecessary trouble under the backlog. Dongguan steel plant outside the metal plate if the destruction of real-time repair to avoid sun and rain corroded metal plate surface. If it is necessary to adopt all the high-elastic nano-materials, used to cover the metal roof panels, and play a useful anti-water and anti-oxidation, saving indoor air conditioning power. The maintenance and maintenance of the steel structure plant has a great deal of contact with the service life of the steel structure, so that the user has a good understanding of it. Such as maintenance and maintenance in what problems encountered, please contact the professional steel manufacturers, get help.

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