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Job TitleSteel Structure Engineering QC/Quality EngineerPosition TypeFull-time
Recruiting DepartmentQuality Engineering DepartmentNumber of recruits12 names
Work place
Publish Time2014-11-14 17:17:57
Work experienceUnlimitedAcademic Requirements
Secondary school or above
Gender requirementsUnlimitedProfessional requirementsScience and Engineering priority
Job description1, the steel products cutting, welding, assembling, surface treatment, such as quality testing;
2, accurate, timely, complete record of quality testing data, and timely submission of quality inspection daily reports and related quality inspection data account;
3, the preparation of steel products quality inspection data, to assist in organizing quality testing.
4, do a good job of testing equipment daily maintenance and maintenance work;
5, participate in related departments to the production of burst quality accident quality inspection and analysis, submit the relevant quality analysis report.
Specific requirements1, secondary school education, civil engineering, welding or mechanical engineering;
2, more than 2 years of steel structure manufacturing quality inspection work;
3, familiar with the production process of steel structure products and steel industry quality inspection standards;
4, has the good steel structure detailed drawing ability;
5, can compile quality inspection data;
6, proficient in Word, Excel and other Office software;
7, principled and strong sense of responsibility;
8, have quality inspector, secondary builder certificate is preferred.
Contact WayContact Person: Mr Que Tel: 0769-86737825 email: dgliantai2008@126.com

Job Title
Steel Structure Demolition StaffPosition TypeFull-time
Recruiting DepartmentProject DepartmentNumber of recruits5 members
Work placeDongguan, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Kunshan, Chengdu, Vietnam, etc.Publish Time2014-11-3 9:38:12
Work experienceMore than 2 yearsAcademic RequirementsCollege or above
Gender requirementsUnlimitedProfessional requirementsMechanical design, manufacturing and automation
Job description1, responsible for the cartographic task of steel structure, timely completion of various mapping tasks;
2, responsible for steel structure node design, detailed design, deepening, drawing work, etc.
3, solve the construction site technical problems.
Specific requirements1, college degree or above, civil engineering, construction or mechanical drawing related major;
2, more than 2 years work experience in steel structure drawings, skilled operation of CAD, Xsteel software proficiency is preferred;
3, good depth design skills, familiar with steel structure blanking, lofting;
4, familiar with the steel structure industry related design, construction code;
5, the Drawing Express clearly, has the strong three-dimensional space imagination;
6, work carefully, good team spirit and communication skills, hard-working;
7, have secondary construction division first.
8, can accept the assignment is preferred.
Contact WayContact Person: Mr Que Tel: 0769-86737825 email: dgliantai2008@126.com

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