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Dongguan steel structure business center between the model

The Dongguan steel structure is located in Dongguan City, Dongcheng District Qifeng Road, the business center office building for the underground three, the ground twenty-four-story frame structure, construction area of ​​1445m ². Between the models of steel structure with 800 tons of steel. Column section of 1100X800X42X42 segment into a cross section of 1100X500X38X38 cross-shaped steel column, all welds for the whole penetration of a weld.

For large-scale complex steel structure system can be in situ non-destructive load test, direct inspection of structural properties. The performance test of structural performance may be carried out in accordance with the provisions of Appendix H of this standard. The coefficient of loading and the principle of determination may be determined in accordance with the provisions of Appendix H.2, or may be adjusted as appropriate.

When the bearing capacity of a structure or component is doubtful, a prototype or full-scale model load test may be carried out. The trial should be commissioned by a specialized agency with sufficient equipment capacity. A detailed test plan shall be developed before the test, including the purpose of the test, the selection or production of the test piece, the loading device, the measuring point arrangement and the test instrument, the loading step and the evaluation method of the test result. The test plan may be formulated in accordance with Appendix H and shall be subject to the consent of the parties concerned prior to the test.

For large-scale important and new steel structure system, it is advisable to carry out the actual structural dynamic test to determine the dynamic parameters such as the vibration period of the structure . Structural testing should conform to the provisions of Appendix E of this standard.

The stress of the steel structure bar can be tested according to the actual conditions using the resistance strain gauge or other effective method.

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