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Ultra-light steel housing to the market

Ultra-light steel structure housing system originated in Europe and the United States, in Japan has been further research and development, making it the twenty-first century to improve the living environment of the most ideal product. It not only changed the structure of traditional residential model, but also completely replaced the brick, concrete and wood, and truly achieved a standardized design, factory production and mechanized construction, which greatly reduces the construction site labor intensity, shorten the construction period, Has been widely popularized and promoted in the country is also set off a revolution in the housing industry.

The system has the following characteristics:
1, the use of new structural systems, new wall and floor materials for construction, conform to the development trend of housing industry, is the real ring
3, ultra-light steel structure light weight, reduce the basic cost; short construction period, improve capital utilization, short return period of funds.
4, ultra-light steel structure wall performance is good, insulation, sound insulation, durability, seismic; construction site clean, waste less, no noise, in line with environmental requirements.
5, the wall thin, improve the use of the room area, construction speed. It is a real "win-win" for developers, builders and owners.

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