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Key Points of Dongguan Steel Construction Quality Control

With the continuous development of modern economy, Dongguan steel structure with its construction speed, short cycle, high strength, easy to prefabrication, installation, for high-level large span of the superiority has been widely used in engineering. In the past, China's large-scale use of reinforced concrete structure and prestressed concrete structure, field engineering and technical personnel is relatively lack of Dongguan steel construction experience, the quality of construction directly affect the safety of the project structure. Therefore, the quality of steel structure engineering has also attracted people's attention, so Dongguan Xin believes that strengthening the steel structure construction quality control, has a very important practical significance and necessity.

1, construction preparation

Construction preparation is necessary to build construction requirements, serious, meticulous and in-depth construction preparation work, to give full play to the positive factors, reasonable organization of human and material resources to speed up the progress of the project to provide construction quality, investment and materials, The completion of steel construction tasks play an important role.

1.1 seriously do the construction drawings of the trial and the end of the work

Drawings are the basis for the construction of the project, the technical person in charge of the project should organize the relevant technical staff to examine the division of labor and digest, the purpose of the construction unit and the participating units are familiar with the design drawings, understand the engineering features and design intent to find Need to solve the technical problems, and develop solutions; the second is to solve the problems in the drawings, reduce the drawings of the error, the quality of the drawings hidden in the bud. At the same time do a good job of technical exchanges, do a good job of construction and design of the combination, do a good job of steel structure hoisting and civil construction, steel structure and concrete prefabricated combination.

1.2 careful preparation of steel structure construction organization design

Construction organization design is the construction of the unit to guide the construction of the whole process of the activities of the important comprehensive technical documents, is a scientific management methods. Construction units in the preparation of construction organizations and construction programs, from the human, machine, material, law, the five aspects of the development of practical implementation details, implement the plan, the implementation of the organization, the implementation of self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection, The quality of the problems prone to all into a controlled state, to ensure that the program technical measures effective and feasible. In the preparation and implementation of the construction organization design process should be extensive and in-depth study, to the construction staff to pay, so that everyone checks. Steel structure project should be for the production stage and the installation phase were prepared for the production process and installation of the organization design. The production process should include the production process of the process, the sub-item of the quality standards, technical requirements, as well as to ensure product quality and the development of specific measures. The construction of steel structure installation organization design content quality assurance system and technical management system, quality, schedule control measures and methods, construction schedule and so on.

2, attention to the quality of steel structure engineering

Quality control of steel structure foundation engineering generally refers to the quality control of embedded steel bolts, embedded bolts are the first step in the whole construction, but also a very critical step, is the basis of the whole project. Construction Foundation When embedding bolts first familiar with the drawings, understand the drawings of the intention, should be made to install the template. The embedded bolts are positioned on the main bars and stencils of the pillars with two mounting templates and reinforcing bars to ensure that the embedded bolts are not displaced by the construction of the cast concrete. So that the spacing between each group of bolts, height can be controlled within the allowable error range; the same time, to protect the bolt thread, in the concrete pouring is not damaged. After the completion of the civil works, with the theodolite and the level of the anchor bolts on the elevation, the axis of the review, and make a record. And pay a process acceptance.

3, steel structure production quality control

The construction of steel structures is usually carried out through the factory production and on-site installation of two stages. Most of the steel structure works in the factory floor, because the steel structure in the factory processing quality is good or bad, the steel structure of the site installation and the overall structure of the safety and stability is essential. Therefore, steel production manufacturers must have the appropriate enterprise qualification, production scale, technical capacity, mechanical equipment and advanced technology level.

Steel structure of the general production process is divided into: lofting → cutting → puzzle → cutting → → → submerged arc welding → drilling → assembly → correction molding → rivets spare parts → production assembly → welding and welding inspection → Rust treatment, painting, number → component acceptance factory. In the steel structure production, should be based on the steel structure of the production process, to seize the key processes for quality control, such as control of key parts of the processing, the main components of the process, measures, the use of processing equipment,

4, attention to welding quality control

Welding works in the steel structure production and installation engineering is the most important link, we must pay attention to the quality of welding engineering. At present, most of the steel structure in the production process with automatic submerged arc welding machine, some with semi-automatic gas protection welding machine, individual parts using manual welding. Welding quality problems are more in the manual weld, these problems are: welding tumor, slag, stomata, no penetration, undercut, wrong side, weld size deviation, no arc plate, welding deformation is not correct, splash Things are not clean and so on. In view of this situation, the steel structure before welding, the electrode of the certificate to be checked, according to the requirements of the instructions, the welder must hold the card, the weld surface shall not have cracks, welding tumor, one or two welds Stomata, slag, crater cracks, a weld can not have undergone, less than welding defects, one or two welds required non-destructive testing, in the provisions of the weld and parts to check the welder's stamps. Unqualified welds are not allowed to handle, set the modified process and then deal with the same parts of the weld repair number should not be more than 2 times.

5, steel component installation quality control

Steel structure after the end of the project, into the field installation. Before the steel structure is installed, the quality of the components shall be checked and the permanent deformation and defects of the components shall be treated if they exceed the allowable values. Steel column installation to check the bottom of the column under the horn is mattress, pad flat, to prevent the bottom plate under the foot bolt instability; control column is vertical and with or without displacement, installation works, the structure has not yet formed a stable system, should take Temporary support measures. When the steel structure to install the formation of space fixed unit, and acceptance after acceptance, requiring the construction unit in time to the bottom of the column and the base of the surface of the expansion of concrete with the second pouring dense. Finally, check the vertical structure of the steel structure and the overall plane bending and so on.

6, steel structure fastener connection quality control

The quality control of the connection of steel fasteners mainly emphasizes the quality control of high strength bolted connections. The construction quality control of the high strength bolted connection project is accomplished from the following aspects:

6.1 First, the steel structure must pay attention to the high-strength bolts friction surface processing quality and pre-installation protection, to prevent pollution, corrosion. And in the installation before the high-strength bolts friction surface of the anti-slip coefficient test, check the high-strength bolts factory certificate, batch number, the different batch of high-strength bolts to do pumping force test.

6.2 high-strength bolts installed in the requirements of free penetration, not beating and reaming; so the steel structure should be prepared to prepare a certain tire mold to control its deformation, and in the transport of components to take practical fixed measures to ensure its dimensional stability The

6.3 steel structure during the installation of the board should be smooth, the contact surface must be greater than 75%, the edge of the gap shall not be greater than 0.8mm. For high-strength bolts installation process, including the operation sequence, installation method, fastening sequence, the first screw, the final screw to strictly control the inspection, screw the torque wrench should be calibrated. After the end of the end should be checked one by one, on the less tapping, super twist should be twisted or replaced.

7, steel structure rust and painting works

Steel structure rust and coating is the most overlooked link of steel structure. Steel structure rust is divided into artificial rust and mechanical rust, the construction staff according to the requirements of the drawings and derusting grade using different rust method. Brushing the quality of the project should be done in the steel structure before brushing, brushing the surface of the components shall not have welding slag, oil, water and burrs and other foreign matter, brushing the number and thickness should meet the design requirements. The coating material must have a certificate, fire coating coating project must be approved by the fire department construction unit construction.

8, color steel plate construction quality control

Color steel sheet engineering is another important part of steel engineering. The quality of its construction directly affects the use of steel structure. There are many types of color steel plate. But the color plate construction problems are more concentrated, such as: color plate joints, color plate accessories installation and installation of nodes is not fine, unreliable, maintenance structure leakage, color plate perception quality is not smooth, deformation, scratches, pollution and so on. Therefore, the quality control of the color plate installation mainly include: pressure-type color plate approach, to carry out the appearance and certificate of inspection, and review and pressure plate construction and installation of steel components on the installation accuracy, purlin purge installation of the welding Sewn skin and spatter, and brushing anti-rust paint for anti-corrosion treatment. Color plate installation, to prepare a reasonable installation process sequence.

With the extensive application of steel structure in the construction industry, the emergence of steel structure construction, steel construction technology personnel must strengthen the study of steel structure engineering expertise and management content, in Dongguan Xin steel structure construction process, the quality of Survival, and effectively make steel structure in the quality control, so as to ensure the quality of steel construction works to a new level.

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