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Dongguan Steel Structure: Joint China Twenty-two Metallurgical Group won the bid for successful transformation of Yantai Marine Science and Technology Center

Dongguan Steel Structure: Yantai Marine Science and Technology Successful Transformation Center, invested and constructed by Yantai Chengfa Real Estate Co., Ltd. The project is located in the west of Haiyue Road, Hi-tech Zone, north of Science and Technology Avenue and south of planning road. The total construction area of ​​about 70421.71 square meters, of which 26 floors on the ground, an area of ​​about 51097.05 square meters; 2 underground, an area of ​​about 19,324.66 square meters. Structure for the framework of the core tube structure, building height of about 99.30 meters. Among them, China's twenty-two Metallurgical Group Jinjie company assumed the Yantai Ocean Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Center steel column, decorative steel beams and steel columns and other steel production and installation tasks.

Steel structure construction light weight, high strength, good overall rigidity, anti-deformation ability. Building weight is only one-fifth of brick and concrete structure, can withstand 70 meters per second hurricane, so that life and property can be effectively protected. The use of thermal insulation materials to fiberglass-based, with a good thermal insulation effect. Used to the external wall of the insulation board, effectively avoid the wall of the " cold bridge " phenomenon, to achieve a better insulation effect. 100mm thick R15 insulation cotton thermal resistance value can be equivalent to 1m thick brick wall.

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