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Sichuan "live Expo" modular steel structure housing greatly shorten the duration

Reporters found in the interview, the biggest highlight of the show is the steel structure houses , concrete construction houses, modular housing, building energy-saving walls and roofing materials display area. At the exhibition, a number of construction enterprises and real estate enterprises have a strong interest in the steel, hoping to cooperate with these in-depth, the combination of steel pipe bundle structure system applied to their own construction projects.

"The exhibition of the industrial chain-related enterprises brought about by the steel structure of the building system is not only compatible with traditional building materials, but also greatly shorten the cycle, reduce labor costs, in line with the needs of green assembly-style building development." Suzhou a building design Dean said, hoping to achieve strategic cooperation with these excellent steel structure enterprises, in-depth study of the direction of development of steel structures.

It is understood that the end of March this year, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction issued the "13th Five-Year" assembly-style construction action program "," assembly-style building demonstration city management approach "," assembly-type construction industry base management approach "requirements, , The national assembly of buildings accounted for the proportion of new construction reached 15% , Which focused on promoting the region to reach more than 20%, and actively promote the region to reach more than 15%, to promote the promotion area to reach more than 10%. Encourage all localities to develop higher development goals. The establishment of a sound assembly architecture policy system, planning system, standard system, technical system, product system and regulatory system, the formation of a number of assembly-style architectural design, construction, parts and components of large-scale production enterprises and general contracting enterprises, the formation of assembly-type construction Of the team, to enhance the quality of assembly-style building, efficiency and quality, to achieve all-round development of assembly-style buildings. By 2020, more than 50 assembly-style building demonstration cities, more than 200 assembly-type construction industry base, more than 500 assembly-style construction demonstration projects, the construction of more than 30 assembly-style building technology innovation base, Give full play to the role of demonstration and lead.

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