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Jiujiang first pedestrian steel bridge flyover total investment of about 15 million yuan

The man-made steel bridge project began construction in April 2016. Because of the high technical requirements and difficult construction of the project, the construction department cooperated with the construction unit to tackle the difficulties and speed up the construction of the project. Finally, the construction task was completed in one year The

The construction area construction department official said: "The underground pipeline is complicated, the geological situation is complex; the construction site is in the main road of the city, the traffic volume is big; the steel box girder is huge in size, the transportation is difficult, the lifting technology demand is high, there are many difficulties , We take to strengthen the construction management, listen to expert advice, respectively, on the pile foundation construction, steel box girder hoisting, traffic guide and other construction of the expert demonstration, making the project smoothly.

The project is the first steel structure of Jiujiang crossing the pedestrian bridge, located in the development zone administrative center location, the surrounding residential area as well as the school, vegetable market, pedestrian traffic, road traffic, to ensure pedestrian safety and construction of dedicated aisle. The bridge is made of steel structure with small box girder. The span is large and the structure is complex. The four corners are equipped with stairways and electric ladder. The total investment is about 15 million yuan.

In the past year, Chongqing Road is divided into South and North two closed construction. South of Chongqing Road, south of Jiu Rui Avenue intersection, south of Jiujiang Economic and Technological Development Zone Administrative Committee on the west side of the entrance, a total length of 60 meters; Chongqing northbound north of Jiu Rui Avenue intersection, north to Mission Hills Shengbei North Entrance, the whole 100 meters long; during construction, has prohibited all vehicles, vehicles must be bypassed. Recently, the vehicles have returned to normal traffic.

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