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China 's first low - energy steel structure housing project

No air conditioning plug-in machine, no heating, low energy consumption, all year round warm and cool summer, the whole house with integrated building. June 26, China's first low-energy steel structure housing project, Shandong Construction University teaching experiment complex (a project) was officially opened. At the same time, combined with the construction project construction experience, the assembly of passive ultra-low energy consumption green building technology exchange is also held in the school.

"Building industrialization" is the topic of common concern in the construction industry in recent years. The assembly of passive ultra-low energy consumption is a typical representative of green, environmental protection, low carbon and energy saving.

At the exchange meeting, Shandong Construction University Party Secretary Wang Chongjie introduced, 014 years in September, Shandong Construction University and the Ministry of Housing and Urban, the German Energy Agency signed an agreement, in accordance with the "German passive room certification standards" construction of Shandong Construction University teaching experimental building, which is the first batch of passive housing pilot demonstration project, The first low-energy steel building project. The project is jointly designed by Shandong Jianda Building Planning and Design Institute and our school green building collaborative innovation center. The construction technology research and design institute of China is deepened, and the first construction company of China Construction Bureau is responsible for the construction. The completion of the project for the school to carry out the assembly of passive ultra-low energy consumption of green building research provides a platform for scientific research and experimental.

Shandong University of Architecture Green Teaching Experimental Complex (a project) a total of 6 layers, the total construction height of 23.96m, a total construction area of ​​9696.3 square meters, the bottom of the building area of ​​1547.43 square meters, the standard floor area of ​​1673.44 square meters. As the first domestic steel house project, no success or similar experience for reference.


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