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Characteristics of light steel structure steel frame

Light steel structure steel frame Features:

1, the use of light roof, not only can reduce the beam and column section size, the foundation is correspondingly reduced.

2, in the multi-span buildings can be made into a large slope of the roof of the slope, for the long slope of the invention of the conditions. The middle column reduces the span of the beam, thereby reducing the cost. The middle column is made of steel pipe with upper and lower hinge rocking column, which accounts for small space.

3, the lateral stiffness of the rigid frame has the guarantee of purlins, eliminating the need for longitudinal rigid members and reducing the flange width.

4, the rigid frame can be used variable cross-section, cross-section and the bending moment is proportional to; variable cross-section according to the needs of the web can be modified height and thickness and width of the flange, so that the best use.

5, the frame of the frame can be designed according to the effective width, which allows the local web instability, and can be applied after the buckling strength.

6, the vertical load is usually designed to control the load, but when the wind load is large or higher housing, the role of wind load should not be ignored. In the light roof door frame, the earthquake can not afford to control the use of ordinary.

7, support can be done more cumbersome. Will be directly or with the degree of joint plate connected to the web, can be used to tighten the round bar.

8, the structural components can be all in the factory manufacturing, high level of industrialization. The component unit can be divided according to the transportation conditions, the unit is connected with the bolt in the field, the device is quick and the construction amount is small.

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