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Processing Technology of Steel Structure Materials

1, lofting

The first process in the steelmaking process is based on the shape and size of the product construction detail or the size of the component design, and the product or the part of the part is painted on the table or plate at a ratio of 1: 1 , To seek real long and made the process of the model.

With 0.50 ~ 0.75mm of metal or plastic plate production model, with wood, steel or flat iron production of the sample rod, when the length is shorter when available wooden ruler rod. The model, the model should be kept properly until the end of the project can be destroyed. Processing margin 3 ~ 5mm (welding shrinkage, cutting, milling end), allowable deviation of ± 1mm. According to the model in the steel to draw the components of the sample, and marked with a variety of processing marks for the cutting of steel materials to prepare. (Work content: check the check material, cut out the material in the cutting, milling, planing, bending, drilling and other processing positions, punching, marking the number of parts, etc.)

2, cutting

Cutting is the sorting and the shape of the parts of the material from the raw material for cutting off. Common cutting methods are: gas cutting, mechanical cutting (cutting, sawing) and plasma cutting three methods.

gas cutting

The use of oxygen and combustible gas mixed with the preheated flame heating metal surface to achieve the combustion temperature and the metal oxidation occurs, the release of a large number of heat to promote the lower metal also self-combustion, while passing through the high pressure oxygen jet, the oxide blown to form A narrow and neat groove. Gas cutting equipment flexible, low cost, high precision, can cut a variety of thickness of steel, especially with curved parts or thick steel, is currently the most widely used cutting method.

Straight gas cutting machine

Mechanical cutting

⑴ punching cutting: When the thickness of steel plate ≯ 12cm, the use of cutting plate machine, the combination of punching and cutting machine cutting steel, fast, high efficiency, but slightly rough incision.

⑵ cutting cutting: the use of bow sawing machine, band saw and other cutting steel, the accuracy is better.

⑶ friction cutting: the use of friction sawing machine, grinding wheel cutting machine and other cutting steel, fast, but the incision is not smooth, noisy.

Plasma cutting

The use of high-temperature high-speed plasma flame flow at the incision of the metal and its oxides melt and blown off to complete the cutting, can cut any metal, especially the higher melting point of stainless steel and non-ferrous metal aluminum, copper and so on.

3, forming

According to the design requirements, the use of processing equipment and a certain tooling die to the plate or steel bending into a certain shape of the process. There are two methods of cold bending and bending.

(1) cold bending. Steel or steel cold bending process methods have roll round bending, press bending and bending, bending, etc., a variety of methods should be cross-sectional shape of the profile, material, specifications and bending radius of the corresponding production of fetal membranes, And after the bend to meet the requirements of the quasi-formal processing. The allowable deviation of the free size of the parts after cold bending shall comply with the corresponding provisions.

(2) hot bending. Also known as simmer bend, is the steel heated to 1000 ℃ ~ 1100 ℃ (dark yellow) immediately simmer bend, and 500 ℃ ~ 550 ℃ (dark black) before the end. If the steel is heated by more than 1100 ° C, the lattice will crack and the material becomes brittle, resulting in a sharp decrease in the quality and no use. If the temperature is lower than 550 ° C, the steel will be blue and brittle and can not guarantee the quality of the bending. Good heating temperature.

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