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Introduction of building materials for steel structure warehouse

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In the construction of the warehouse, we considered three kinds of wall panels.They are rock wool sandwich panels, EPS sandwich panels and PU sandwich panels.All panels are widely used in steel structure warehouse design, warehouse production and warehouse installation.However, these groups have their own salient features that we will briefly introduce.

Rock wool sandwich panels are commonly used in steel structure warehouses for roofing and wallboard.The thickness is 50mm,75mm and 100mm.It is a rock wool sandwich and double-sided composite color plate composite plate.Rock Wool sandwich Panel has the characteristics of light weight and good hygroscopicity.Therefore, the Panel is widely used in warehouse construction.Fire rating is a. Due to fire, many customers want to select panels as warehouses for roofs and walls.
Rock wool density: 80〜120 kg/m3
50mm Rock wool Sandwich panel Weight: 2〜15kg/m2
Thermal conductivity: 0.048 w/m.

EPS sandwich panels are often used as walls and roofs for steel structure warehouses.The thickness of EPS sandwich panel is 50mm,75mm and 100mm.It is a new composite building material.The core material is a closed-hole polystyrene foam.The outer layer is a double-sided composite color steel plate.Low hygroscopicity, soft texture, small water absorption, low density, good cushioning performance, good cushioning performance, high temperature adaptation.The panels are waterproof and inexpensive, so they are popular in low-cost warehouses.
EPS foam density: 8〜15kg/m3
50mm EPS sandwich panel weight: 6〜8kg/m2
Thermal conductivity: 0.043 w/m.K

PU sandwich panel is also used for steel structure warehouse wall and warehouse top, thickness of 50mm,75mm and 100mm three types.Polyurethane can spontaneously bubble and fill the cavity between the double-sided color plate.Because the panel structure is seamless, it has a better overall performance than the pasted panel.The panel features excellent flexibility, softness, high compressive strength, good chemical stability, excellent thermal insulation, excellent adhesion and other properties.By adding a flame retardant, the softening point of the bubble can reach 250 ℃.Compared with other warehouse wall materials, PU panel is selected by top warehouse.
Polyurethane density: 40〜65kg/m3
50mm PU sandwich Panel Weight: 8〜10kg/m2
Heat conduction rate: 0.038 w/m.K

The three kinds of sandwich panels listed above belong to high performance insulation materials and have excellent heat insulating properties in steel structure warehouse buildings.The scope of use varies according to its characteristics.The common characteristic of the color steel composite sandwich panel is the high adaptability to low temperature, good integrity and higher strength than the single layer color plate.In addition, the three-block sandwich panel has the advantages of light weight, good sound insulation, good heat insulating effect and convenient installation.The panel is widely used in warehouse wall, warehouse partition, warehouse ceiling, warehouse tile and clean room construction.

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