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Thermal performance of Dongguan steel structure

The thermal properties of steels vary greatly, depending on their alloying elements. The steel structure of Dongguan is carbon steel, and the thermal performance of carbon steel is stronger than that of ordinary steel.

Austenite temperature-steel is converted to austenite crystal structure temperature-the initial temperature of steel is 900°c (1650°f) pure iron, with more carbon added, the temperature is reduced to the minimum 724°c (1,335℉) for eutectic Steel (where the carbon content is only 0.83 of the weight of steel). With nearly 2.1% carbon (by mass), the austenite temperature picks up to 1,130°c (2,070°f). Similarly, the melting point of a steel varies according to the alloy.

The ordinary carbon steel can begin to melt, and its lowest temperature of the solid line is 1130 ℃ (2070°f). Under this temperature, steel does not become liquid. The pure iron (containing 0% carbon ' steel ') begins to melt at 1492°c (2718°f) and is completely liquid when it reaches 1,539°c (2,802°f). Steel containing 2.1% carbon melts at the 1,130°c (2,070°f) and is completely melted when it reaches 1,315°c (2,399°f). The carbon content of more than 2.1% "steel" is no longer steel, but is called cast iron

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