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Steel structure housing will be the pillar of the Government's comprehensive plan for low-cost affordable housing


NEW Delhi: To promote low-cost housing as part of a nationwide housing programme, the government could push for a steel structure to be built in a few months, with a budget of 670,000 rupees.

Sumit Gupta, who is working on a steel structure project, said: "I have been working on this project since the last two years, and I will prepare a model of work within two months and then consult with the companies." “。

The government last year announced the "I Love Steel House idea" challenge, offering the winners a price of 10 rupees. This innovation challenge requires people to write down 500 ideas about how to improve the steel industry. Sumit is the winner of the game.

The steel project will provide affordable housing for the urban and rural poor. The pillars and foundations of each house are made of rods and cements, but the walls and roofs will be made of steel. Under the plan, a 300-500-square-foot house could be ready in two or three months.

The government announced in February a special affordable housing fund under the National Housing Bank (NHB) to promote the demand and supply of low-cost housing.

The National Housing Bank Act is being revised to transfer its shares from the Reserve Bank of India to the government. To promote real estate transactions, Arun Jailtley, the Treasury Secretary, proposed in the coalition budget that if the lap rate does not exceed 5% of the cost, the actual sales value of real estate will be taken into account and tax on capital gains income.

The budget also announces that if the round rate is not higher than 5%, the capital gains will be considered on the basis of the contract record value rather than the value of the round rate.

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