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Dongguan Xin Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. provides unparalleled quality and design of steel structures

Dongguan Xin Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. offers a series of unparalleled quality and design of the steel construction system. Through advanced innovation technology as well as mechanical field, Dongguan Xin can handle projects of any size. Whether you are looking for single-layer or multi-storey steel structures, Dongguan Xin Steel structure can provide you with affordable pricing and strict manufacturing time. I believe your steel structure building needs us, we are the global leader in prefabricated steel structure and metal construction solutions.


With more than 100 in-house engineers, we provide the best integrated design, BIM, engineering and detailed design. Our new 125,000 sq. ft. steel plant has the following features:

1. Several heavy cranes

2, Plasma cutting machine

3, accessories and Welding station

4. Plate Making Machine

5, 2 beam line

6. Automatic Welding Line

7. Robot Flange Machining Center

8. Angle Line

Our engineers and professionals can assist in solving all technical problems. All welding and welders meet the requirements of AWS D1.1 and D1.3 building codes. We also have an employee who uses AWS Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI). The company has 350,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

The company offers sloping walls, housings, prefabricated and hybrid buildings. Highlights of our project include:

1. Steel Structure Warehouse

2. Steel Structure Factory

3. Steel Structure Municipal Building

4. Steel Structure School building

5. Steel Structure Church

6. Steel Structure Stadium

7, Steel structure Attic

Steel structure market share demand is significantly higher than prefabricated construction, this is Dongguan Xin Steel Structure Co., Ltd. with the development of new structure stores and the main reason for the advance. Non-residential buildings, such as multi-storey residential buildings, including hotels and dormitories, as well as non structural structures, including open-air stadiums, chemical plants, power plants, refineries and other buildings without roofs, are expected to grow.

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