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The overpass will eventually become another link in the Knoxville wide Green Road system.

A man on the western Boulevard. The steel structure overpass is forming, it will one day become an important link of the Knoxville Green Road system.

Tdot and Knoxville cooperated to build bridges at the intersection of the Third Creek Road. According to TDOT spokeswoman Mark Nagi, it should be completed this summer. So far, the staff have completed the bridge's two abutments and six piers, as well as the bridge's four spans. Another three work continues. Utilities in the area are also in the works.

So far, the work has not interfered with the traffic on West Street.

The steel bridge is the final step in the TDOT project, extending the Western Avenue from Schaad Road to Copper Kettle Drive. The final price of the bridge is expected to be less than 3 million dollars.

Knoxville spokeswoman Eric Vreeland says the city is currently buying properties to build a Northwest Green Road, connecting Bridges to Victoras Park and hoping to build next year.

Next, the city plans to build a green road from the other side of the bridge to connect to the existing Middelbruck-Pike Green Road system.

Knoxville citizens currently have 112.9 miles of paved green road and natural trails.

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