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Completion of first phase steel structure project of Dongguan Science and Technology Park

Dongguan Xin Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. to undertake the Dongguan science and Technology Park, a steel structure successfully completed, the project has been the government and contractors unanimously recognized and praise.


Dongguan Science and Technology Park Phase I steel structure project is located in the southern city, to create a business and life as a whole to achieve "production, city, learning, people" the depth of integration of the international Wisdom Park. Dongguan Science and Technology Park, the first phase of steel structure project total construction area of 104554 square meters, the highest building to reach 15 floors, underground warehouse parking two floors, the total height of 72 meters, the main structure of light steel frame, the total steel volume of about 6300 tons, the duration of 120 days, as the key industrial park in Dongguan City project.

Because the project has a shorter duration, design and quality requirements, the need to complete such a large area in a short period of time the project has a certain degree of challenge and difficulty, Dongguan Xin Steel Structure Project department to overcome difficulties, in accordance with the TOC management requirements of block, inverted component delivery time, on-site flow construction operations, daily tracking production, delivery, installation progress , and coordinated with the General Package Project Department to ensure the successful completion of the project within the expected time.

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