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What are the advantages of Dongguan steel structure factory?

DONGGUAN Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. is a Fujian construction group company subordinate enterprises, contracted steel plant, steel structure attic, light steel structure, such as planning and design, construction, installation and maintenance engineering services, in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Huizhou and other fields have a professional steel structure engineering and technical team and construction team. has a steel structure manufacturing one level, the steel structure specialized contract one level, the construction general contracting first grade and so on qualifications.

The steel structure workshop refers to the frame structure which is connected by the connecting parts by the fabricated steel structure material, and has good load capacity. What are the advantages of steel structure factory in Dongguan?

1. Good safety performance. All the buildings have the first condition is safety, because the material has good toughness and strength, and only 20% of the weight of concrete structure, this greatly reduces the earthquake, typhoon and other natural disasters in the carrying capacity, but also greatly improve the safety performance of the plant.
2, fire prevention, anti-corrosion. Steel materials are not burning materials, and after deep galvanized and paint protection, has a good anti-corrosion capacity.

3, the construction cost is low, although the steel structure material is expensive than the concrete material, but because the steel structure in the construction by the high efficiency speed completion, has reduced many labor cost, moreover because the steel structure occupies the area relatively to be much smaller, therefore the same size land construction workshop uses the space also to be much bigger than the concrete structure.
6, green Environmental protection, suitable to take the sustainable development path. The steel structure workshop is the wooden skeleton construction method that replaces the traditional house with the steel skeleton, does not destroy the forest tree resources, and the raw material disassembly recovery, is advantageous to the promotion circular economy development, uses the material 100% is the steel, moreover the construction site does not need the water resources completely is the dry construction, has saved the massive water resources.


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