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Main items of steel structure material loading


Steel structure materials should be fixed packaging, loading and unloading, transportation, unloading considerations:

(1) Large lifting equipment must be in charge of the use of, applicable, strict adherence to lifting rules to prevent vibration, impact, deformation or damage during hoisting.

(2) When loading, must have special supervision, check the car number and packaging, the car heap safety, and increase the necessary binding parts loose, to prevent loss.

(3) In the transport process to maintain stability, vehicles at the time of shipment, for long, wide, high objects, must be responsible for the escort, and marked in the car.

(4) Not rough handling, loading and unloading personnel handling, weight, size should be familiar with the parts, and check the horse s rigging to prevent accidents.

(5) Transport to the construction site, timely organization unloading, stacking area.

(6) Crawler crane handling parts, should pay attention to the surrounding terrain, air-conditioning status, to prevent the crawler crane overturning and parts collision.

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