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Advantages of multi-storey steel structure construction

    Multi-storey steel structures are essentially the same advantages described by our structural steel pages, such as providing free floor spans for large pillars to promote efficient cycle space and so on. However, there are additional attributes, such as flexible integration of building services and other requirements that can be adapted to design more easily. The enormous potential of complex architectural forms using steel and modern design software can achieve this and more functions while maintaining and even improving the overall aesthetics.

    The construction speed is faster than other methods, because of the high prefabrication level, the requirement of field storage material is minimal. With the advance manufacturing, precision design and manufacturing tools, only the steel frame system flexibility, better quality inspection and safer construction.

    Construction cost is another important factor to consider, and steel construction can provide you with value for money services.

    Economic benefits
    Construction speed

    Depending on the size of the project, construction time is reduced by 20% to 30% compared to the site-intensive construction.

    Economic benefits depend on business operations. In terms of overall construction cost, it is expected to save 1% of the interest charge and 2% of the early lease or use space.

    Management costs

    Due to the short construction period and the packaging nature of the construction process, the on-site management cost is reduced.

    Site management costs can be reduced by 20% to 30%, thereby saving total construction costs by 3% to 4%.

    Service integration

    The integration of the service in the structural area resulted in a reduction of the floor to the floor area by 100 to 300 mm, thereby saving the cladding cost.

    If the floor height is reduced by 5%, you can add a floor to the 20 floor and lower the cladding cost, which is about 1% of the total construction cost.


    The steel structure is less than half the weight of the concrete structure, which is equivalent to 30% reduction of the overall foundation load.

    The basic cost depends on the substructure and underground services, and other factors, accounting for 5% of the construction costs. Reducing the base load by 30% can significantly reduce the cost of construction.

    Free space

    Large-span steel structures provide more flexible space use, depending on the function of the building and future uses

    Large columns in the middle of space will cause about 1 square meters of space loss, accounting for about 1% of the floor area, and may result in a corresponding loss of rental income.

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