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Fire resistance of steel structure engineering

Steel loses strength when heated. The critical temperature of a steel member is the temperature that cannot safely support its load. Standard practice for building codes and steel structures the different critical temperatures are defined according to the type of the structure element, the direction and the load characteristics.

In China, Europe and North America (such as ASTM E-119), this is about 1000-1300°f (530-810°c). The time required for the steel structure being tested to meet the standard set temperature determines the duration of the refractory grade. By using fireproof materials, the heat transfer of steel can be slowed down, thus limiting the temperature of steel. Common structural steel fire prevention methods include expansive, endothermic and gypsum coatings as well as gypsum board, calcium silicate shell and mineral wool insulation blanket.

Concrete structures usually meet the requirements of fire-resistant grades, because the concrete thickness of the reinforcement provides enough fire resistance. However, concrete may flake, especially if the water content is high. Although additional fire prevention measures are not commonly used in concrete structures, they are sometimes used in areas with greater likelihood of traffic tunnels and hydrocarbon fuel fires, as flammable liquid fires provide more heat to structural members. Fireproof materials for steel structures include expansive, endothermic and gypsum coatings as well as dry-type walls, calcium silicate cladding, mineral or high-temperature insulated sheep blankets. Pay attention to connections, because thermal expansion of structural elements can endanger fire rating components.

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