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About Dongguan steel Structure engineering

       Dongguan Steel StructureThe project was done with a steel product called mild steel. Mild steel is a very strong material. Take a round bar with a diameter of 25 mm. If you firmly fasten this lever to your ceiling, you can hang 20,000 kilograms (20 tonnes) of heavy weights.

Another important feature of Dongguan steel structure project is its flexibility. It can bend without cracking, which is another great advantage, because the steel building can bend, which makes it have good resilience. The third characteristic of steel structure is its plasticity and ductility. This means that when you get a lot of power, it doesn't crack like glass, but it slowly deforms. This property allows the steel building to bend and deform, giving the residents a warning to escape. The steel structure in Dongguan rarely collapses, and steel in most cases is much better than most other materials in seismic performance.

However, an important characteristic of steel is that it loses power quickly in a fire. At 500 degrees Celsius (930 degrees Fahrenheit), mild steel may lose nearly half its strength. This is what happened when the 2001 World Trade Center collapsed, so the steel in the building must be fireproof or high temperature. This is usually done by wrapping it with a plate or spray material (called Fire protection).


Where to use steel structure

Steel structure is the most frequently used

1, high-rise building because of its high strength, light weight, construction speed

2, industrial construction, because it can create large-span space at low cost

3, warehouse building for the same reason

4. In a technical residential building called light steel structure

5. Temporary structure can be quickly established and removed

Types of steel structures in Dongguan

Conventional steel manufacturing refers to the steel makers ' team cutting steel into suitable lengths and then welding them together to form the final structure. This can be done entirely on the labor-intensive construction site, or partially in the workshop to provide better working conditions and shorten the time.

The bolt steel structure takes place in the steel manufacturer to complete and paint the steel parts, then shipped to the site and simply bolted into place. This is the preferred method of steel structure, because most of the manufacturing work can be done in the workshop, with the appropriate mechanical, lighting and working conditions. The size of the part depends on the size of the truck or trailer, the maximum length of the truck is 6 m (20 ft), and the maximum length of the trailer is 12 m (40 ft). Because the only work done on the site is to hoist the steel structure (with cranes) and bolts connected, on-site work very quickly. A pre-designed building is an example of a company designed, manufactured, transported and constructed with a bolt steel structure.

Lightweight steel structures are common residential and small buildings in parts of North America and Europe. This is similar to the wood frame structure, except that light steel members are used instead of wood for two times four. Light steel is formed from a thin (1-3 mm) steel plate, curved to form a C-shaped or Z-shaped shape.

Weight of steel frame structure in Dongguan

Consider a single storey building with a size of 5 x 8 m (x 26 ft). Let's first build this structure in concrete, with four pillars in the four corners, and a 150 mm (6-inch) thick concrete slab at the top of the Liang between the pillars, which weighs about 800 kg/sqm, or 32 tonnes (32,000 kg), If we use this kind of steel to build a sloping roof and cover the insulating layer with corrugated metal plate, it weighs only 65 kg/square meters, and the steel frame room is only 2.6 tons (2600 kg). So the concrete building weighs more than 12 times times! This is a single-layer structure-multilayer structure of the difference will be relatively small, because the floors of multi-storey steel structures are built with concrete slabs, the difference is still very important.

This lightweight steel structure means they must be firmly tied to the ground to withstand the wind, or they may be blown away like umbrellas on deck!

The advantages of Dongguan steel structure

1, the site construction speed is very fast, because a lot of work can be done in the factory.

2, high flexibility, which makes them very good resistance to disasters such as wind or earthquakes.

3. Various ready-made structure parts available.

4, can do any shape, and with any type of material coated

5, there are a variety of connection methods to choose from, such as bolt connection, welding and riveting.

Disadvantages of Dongguan Steel structure

1, lose strength at high temperature, will be softened.

2. It is easy to corrode in humid environment.

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