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The steel structure of Dongguan is the internal support and exterior wall covering of the metal construction and the manufacturing steel, and the other materials commonly used in the steel frame building are used for floor, wall, and exterior envelope. Steel structures are used in a variety of buildings, including warehouses, studios, bridges, factories and living conditions. Depending on how they are used, they are divided into specific types.


The common type of steel structure in Dongguan is "straight wall" and "arched", or a Nathan or a factory building. In addition, struct types can be categorized as clear spans or multiple spans. Clear span buildings do not have structural support (such as pillars) in the space occupied by the interior.

The straight wall type and the arch form refer to the exterior shape of the building. More generally, if they rely on rigid frame structures, these are structural arches. However, a curved roof structure is usually associated with an arch term.

For specific applications, steel arch buildings may be cost-effective. They are usually used in agriculture. Compared with arched buildings, straight-walled buildings provide more free space. They are also more likely to integrate into the existing architecture. Straight-wall buildings are usually used for commercial, industrial and many other types of occupancy.

The amount of clearance is internal construction. Clear span steel structures use large elevated support beams to reduce the need for internal support pillars. Clear span steel structures tend to be less cost-effective than internal column structures. However, other practical considerations may affect the choice of frame styles, such as the unnecessary occupancy of internal structural obstructions (such as aircraft hangars or stadiums).

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